Spirit of Union” is the blog of the faculty of Union Theological College, Belfast. The Union Theological College, established by The Presbyterian Church in Ireland, seeks to serve Christ and every branch of His Church.

As part of the Christian community of faith, the College provides teaching in Biblical, Theological, Historical, Pastoral and Mission Studies. Welcoming students irrespective of denominational background, the College seeks, in co-operation with others, to encourage the development of relevant practical training and to prepare men and women for ministry and mission in Ireland and beyond.

Committed to academic excellence, practical relevance, and cultural sensitivity, the College seeks to provide an environment for personal growth in three key areas:

  • knowledge of the Bible and of the historic Christian faith;
  • practical expertise in mission and ministry;
  • Christian character and maturity.

Union Theological College exists to train effective ministers who will lead Christ’s church by:

  • Walking humbly with God;
  • Loving God’s people;
  • Studying God’s Word and understanding the world;
  • Communicating the Gospel accurately and effectively;
  • Enabling the Church to fulfil its calling.