Bible Fantasy Football Team


Christians tread a fine line as we try to be fully in touch with contemporary culture while retaining our distinctively Christian stance. We are part of our broader community, sharing very much in common with other members, but we are different and our faith makes us see things differently. Christians have always tried to bridge the gap between the church and ‘secular’ society. One way of doing this is to use something that we have in common with the rest of the community as a vehicle for the Gospel, hoping that the natural connections can be helpful for making spiritual connections.   Here’s one attempt to use the World Cup to make a bigger, spiritual point. It’s from Premier Christian Media.



Your Bible fantasy football team

You’ve been voting for your ultimate Bible XI and here are the results!

Goal keeper: Jesus…because he saves!

Left back: Barnabas because he defended the Gospel.

Centre back: Go for Peter ‘The Rock’ as centre half.

Centre back: David as a defender because he is very strong.

Right back: Adam…’cos he goes right back to the beginning!

Left midfield: Angel Gabriel on the wing.

Central midfield: Solomon in midfield – he has the wisdom to read the situation.

Central midfield: Get Moses in midfield to feed the strikers: he’s great at pass overs.

Right midfield: Elijah has pace, he proved this by outrunning Ahab. Play him on the wings.

Striker: Joshua as a centre forward. He’d fear no opposition!

Striker: Jehu as striker, he will move so fast and furiously, no one will catch him.


1) Andrew for his fabulous assists, especially leading Simon-Peter to Christ!

2) Samson so he can head in corners

3) Goliath as a central defender

Manager: St Paul, whose team talk would be based on Philippians 3 verse 14: “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

They can all play against the Sons of Jacob – full team sorted in one hit – mind you they probably wouldn’t work well together and would send Joseph away as a sub!

For me this fails on at least three points: it flirts with blasphemy; it is theologically illiterate and, of course, …  it is simply not very funny . Or maybe I’m just getting old and losing my sense of humour. Anyone know of any better attempts to use the World Cup for evangelistic or other worthwhile purposes?